Wednesday, February 2, 2011

3 Weeks of Recovery and All's Well...So Far

Yesterday marks 3 weeks since my knee was drained. I spent 2 weeks on crutches and a week putting partial weight on the knee. I am now crutch free and passed my medical exam with flying colors. Now for rehab. I'm allowed to swim and start using that new spin bike I bought for myself as a birthday present. Who knew it was a lay-away plan?

In the meantime, I got to hear a bunch of stories regarding rest vs. arthroscopic surgery for a slight tear in the medial meniscus. It seems about half the people swear by knee surgery and the other half curse them as a worthless waist of time. Given that things are going well for my recovery, I'm glad to have taken the more conservative approach. As my doctor said, "You can always have the surgery if rest doesn't cure the tear. So far, so good.

I've had to watch several events go by without participating and watch my race registrations go to waste. I was scheduled for a New Year's Resolution 5K, the Disney Goofy (Half Marathon & Marathon) during my birthday weekend, and the Miami Half Marathon this past Sunday.

Oh yeah, and a ski trip to Snowmass, Colorado with friends that was scheduled for last week. My wife and friends had encouraged me to go with them and hang around the fireplace drinking hot chocolate, but I knew there was no way I could be that close to the slopes and not ski. So I listened to my head and not my heart, knowing that I had to do the right thing to get healed. It was tough, however, as Salome kept texting me pictures from the ski slopes during what looked like a gorgeous week in Snowmass. Thanks for sharing honey.

With Salome also registered for the Miami Half, I went down with her as an athletic supporter. Having run it the past 8 years, it was an odd sensation to watch as a spectator for 20 minutes as all of the approximately 20,000 participants crossed the start line. I had time for a nice breakfast at Bayside before going to the finish area grandstands to try to find my friends crossing the finish line for the half. With several friend running it, I only managed to spot my wife coming to the finish line. She had some knee swelling of her own from a solid week of skiing and so ran it slow. I hope knee issues aren't contagious.

Anyway, its a slow return to cardio activity for me. Spin bike for a couple of weeks, then the elliptical machine, and then running. Let's hope all continues to go well.


  1. It is hell getting old, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.... a bit of a conundrum if you ask me...

  2. I hope you recover soon

    I have a slight tear in the medial meniscus, I am on the side that had no surgery, so far, so good *knock on wood*

  3. Hey Bill...I know you'll bounce back! I puzzled, however. I don't recall you having been diagnosed with a tear in the medial meniscus...what's up with that? I was thinking something less dramatic was going on with your knee. I certainly can feel for you about having to drop out of registered events...just put them back on when the dust settles. For me, it's taking 5+ years for the dust to settle and the list is getting longer each year. My swim training is on hold this week, as I'm recovering from some emergency dental work - - cracked tooth pulled which abscessed...ouch! Take care and say hi to Salome for me! Oh, kick Alex in the butt for me also.

  4. I, too, had a slight tear in my medial meniscus, my right knee. Fortunately, prolotherapy, ART, and Chiro helped a lot and I'm just about back to normal. For me, I swam a lot, ran a little bit, and hardly biked at all. It was the bike that hurt. Hang in there, and take it careful. I'm finding I have to quit while things are still feeling good, otherwise my knee will take it out on me the next day.