Monday, January 10, 2011


Yesterday was my birthday. It was a lovely day surrounded by family in which my young son Alex made me breakfast, tossed the football around with me, and washed my car. I received many well wishes by phone and Facebook. All in all, a great day. However, it was somewhat tempered by the fact that it was the weekend of my scrubbed Goofy race and a half at Disney World. The weather was lovely this weekend and it would have been great for running.

Being in injury recovery and banned from running for 8 weeks by my doctor, I had to do something positive for my situation and my birthday. So last week, based on the recommendation of tri buddy and spin instructor Tony Whittaker, I ordered a Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle for spinning. I've tried indoor trainers, but do not like them. I done spinning classes and appreciate the benefit of this indoor workout, particularly when its too cold, dark or windy outside.

The bike arrived on Friday and Tony graciously came by my house on Saturday to set it up with me. After putting it together and adjusting the seat position, I gave it a trial run. All I can say is I think I am going to love this indoor bike. It should give me good cross training and keep me from totally vegging out during my prohibition from high impact activity. A public thank you to Tony for both the recommendation and the assistance in set up.