Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Well, I overdid it again this weekend and ended up back at my doctor's office with my knee bothering me again. I'm now on doctor's orders to not run for 8 weeks. I'm also scheduled for an MRI. I can bike, but am told to go no longer than about an hour. I've ordered an exercise bike as a birthday present to myself, but this is not the way I'd hoped to start out 2011.

As my race schedule is now uncertain, I'll wait to post a 2011 schedule until I know more about my recovery and rehab. Regardless of what I'm able to do this year, I'll go to London and support my wife Salome in the London Marathon. It's just looking very unlikely that I'll have adequate time to train for it myself. I'll just have to soak up the atmosphere and some warm beer.

I'll be posting a lot less, or maybe not at all, until I know more about my prognosis, rehab and recovery. I'll still be reading my fellow blogger's posts. Just because I may be silent, will not mean I have nothing to say. I'm sure I'll be commenting on my favorite blogs.


  1. I hope those 8 weeks go by faster than you imagine they will

    It is a bummer to get that type of news but think about how you will be so much of a better support for your wife now in London.

  2. It's tough staying one step ahead of the ailments. Running yesterday, I felt a "twinge" in my knee. Ended up being nothing but you never know. Slow and steady is my motto.
    Good luck on recovery.

  3. Hi Bill - sorry to hear about the knee and we hope you can make a full recovery back to running after a little time off. In the mean time enjoy your new indoor bike - we love our Compu Trainers . . . but being from Ohio we have too! Best of Wishes for a full recovery.

  4. Dude, that sucks. I was in a simular boat a few weeks back. Officially I still am but I am not listening to the doctors. Best of luck.