Monday, June 21, 2010

Time Loses Meaning

On Saturday, I volunteered at the Paralympic National Championships in Miramar, Florida as part of my "pay it back/pay it forward" philosophy. My ultra running friend, Mandy had gotten several of us together to help out in the games. To see these athletes with various forms of disabilities compete in the most effective ways they are able, made me realize that their times and distances didn't mean as much as the fact that they were giving it their all. Time and distance lost its meaning to me. These athletes were all worthy Olympiads in my mind, regardless of where in the race they finished. I was glad I was able to help out.

The next morning, I was going out for my long ride. Having had a fairly demanding workout schedule the prior week, my legs felt tired and a little sluggish. Moreover, it had rained hard Saturday night and I was going out solo for 60 miles. It took about 10 miles before I really warmed up. Once warmed up, however, I let my mind drift and the miles melted away. I was in the zone, keeping it hard and steady. Time kind of slipped away, and before I knew it, I was at my turn around point at mile 30.

On my return trip, I thought about it being Father's Day. The prior afternoon, my wife and kids asked me what I wanted to do for Father's Day. I told them that after my morning ride, I'd like to go to church with them and go to lunch afterward. My older son, John was home from summer college for the week, so we all talked about summer vacation plans. It was just nice to have him home around us again.

As I rode back home, my thoughts turned to my father, who is in a rehabilitation facility after being in the hospital for a couple of weeks with various health issues. I thought about various memories I had of doing things with my father, that I now do with my own sons. Again, time lost meaning as my mind drifted both backward and forward between the times I had with my father and those with my own sons. It was a good feeling and a good ride.

We went to church and later went to Sweat Tomatoes for lunch (my young son Alex's healthy choice). In the afternoon, I called my Dad to wish him a Happy Father's Day. I put each of my sons on the phone with him so they could catch him up on what is going on in their lives. At night, we played a family game of Scrabble. All in all, a lovely day. I hope all of you had a good Father's Day either touching base with your father or remembering the good times you had together.

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  1. Sounds like a great day and similar to mine except I had company for 84 miles.

    We went to "A Team" as the big Dad's day gift.