Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Ride

Over lunch last week with another attorney couple, Salome & I set up a ride for Sunday morning. They are both cyclist and the wife, Ellen is a triathlete. Ellen suggested that she'd like nothing better than to go riding on Mother's day. Her husband Peter & I were happy to oblige. Thus, Sunday morning we go off for a 45 mile ride.

Salome & Ellen decided to keep it conversational, while Pete & I got permission to ride ahead. As I was coming off a cold, my lung capacity was a little off. I was able to maintain around 20 to 22 mph, but when we stopped to let the girls catch up, I got a little dizzy and nauseous. That will teach me to act as if I'm 100% when I know I'm not. Anyway, I was good while riding and it was a pleasant ride.

On our return home, our 10 year old son, Alex, made some delicious scrambled eggs for Mom and the rest of us. Our older son John was home for the week from Gainesville, but left again Sunday for summer school at UF. Of course, this was after several nights of quasi parties with his buddies at our house. It's funny how few Mexicans you find at a Cinco de Mayo party.

Next week, I crew for an Ultra runner doing the Keys 100 Ultra Marathon. I had hoped to recruit a friend to join me in crewing, but so far no real interest. Thus, it may end up being a bit of an ultra crewing experience for me. Anyone want to join me in the Keys to help a guy run 100 miles in around 24 hours?


  1. Not sure what would be worse... 100 miles in mountains at Western States 100 or 100 miles in 90F Florida weather..
    Think I'll pass on working, but I will play some Jimmy Buffet music and drink a margarita and think about you... if that counts.

  2. Good Luck with the crewing this weekend. Bob and I trade off pacing / crewing for his brother every year at the Burning River 100. It is tough thru the night but always a great expereince to see the persistence of the runners. We look forward to the report on the accomplishment of the 24 hour goal!