Monday, March 8, 2010

Things Fall Apart

The problem with setting up a race schedule with events about every two to four weeks is that your workout/race/recovery schedule simply falls apart if you get sidelined with an illness. Coming off of my late January marathon in Miami,, I found it hard to get emotionally psyched up for February's A-1a Half Marathon in my hometown of Fort Lauderdale. However, I managed to focus on race day, concentrated on my running form, and ran a (for me) respectable 1:43. Then, the wife got sick.

Salome ran A1a with the cold and felt the effects in the second half of the race. Worse, she passed the cold over to me. Not only did the cold make me achy and tired, but I got a double dip of this cold where it started on the left side of my nasal passages for 4 days before migrating to the right side of my head.

By Friday evening, I finally felt like I'm getting past this thing. However, now I've got the MIT Olympic tri in Miami next weekend and the Paris Marathon coming up fast on April 11th. I should have been running the first of two 20 mile runs this weekend, but only have the energy to run a 10K at about a 12 minute/mile pace on Saturday. I decide I'd better bag the idea of even an Olympic bike/run brick for the weekend. Instead, I rolled back to simply getting out on Sunday for a 25 mile ride. I get it done, but the energy level is not back to normal. I was able to do a 5K treadmill run this morning, but I'm a little sluggish this afternoon. If the energy level doesn't bounce back during the week, it could get ugly on Sunday. So, what should I do: show up and treat the event as a long triathlon workout, or scratch myself and focus on my long runs for Paris in April?

Note: Training buddy John Clidas was scheduled to run the Antarctic Marathon yesterday. No word yet as to how he did. All I can say is: "burr," and "no, thanks." I hope he had a good run, saw some penguins, and did not freeze any body parts.

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