Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fricking Cold!

Note: It seems the California state assembly passed a resolution last Thursday that would establish the first week of March as "Cuss Free Week" throughout the state. A news clip on the TV showed state legislators with empty cursing jars for fines next to their desks. In light of this well intended initiative, I will try to follow suit.

I wish these dang cold fronts would get the heck out of town. It's now officially March and I'm literally sick and tired of these winter cold fronts. I live in South Florida. We usually have a cold front or two in late December and early January. Other than that, we are supposed to be a refuge of warm pleasant weather during the winter season that the rest of you can come down and visit to get away from the months of snow and ice. Well, mother nature has not cooperated this year. We've had cold front after cold front, one following the other, pretty much all winter long. While this worked out well for my run training, it totally mucked up my early season triathlon training.

Wife Salome & I signed up for an early season triathlon, the Miami International Triathlon to be held March 14th. This was to be Salome's first Olympic distance triathlon. When we signed up for this event last November, we figured we would have a mild February to swim and bike ourselves into early season shape. Salome signed up for swim instructions and expected to be able to practice her swimming at a local outdoor pool and in the open water. Well, fiddlesticks! The weather has been too rainy, windy and/or cold; open water conditions have been mostly rough. Neither one of us has had much chance to ride or swim. Yes, we've done both a few times, but not enough to feel ready for an Olympic distance tri in less than 2 weeks.

On top of the weather, Salome came down with a fricking cold a week ago that tubed the week for her workouts. She returned to training in full this weekend, but not before passing the cold over to me. While fortunately not a chest cold, this virus from "H-e-double hockey sticks" made me feel weak and achy for the past 4 days. Starting with a vise like headache Friday afternoon, I had to bag my long run and long ride for the weekend. I did get on the trucking Fred-mill this morning for a 5K run, but the energy level wasn't back to normal.

Not having gotten sufficient swim time in, Salome decided to pull herself from MIT. She'll focus on her run training for the Paris Marathon in April. I'm not at that point yet. I'm hoping this schnitzel of a cold is on its way out and I'll have the energy to do an Olympic brick by this weekend. Hopefully, my sinuses will clear enough to allow me to get back in the pool. Either way, MIT may end up an event done for "completion."

I can't wait to hear the follow up story to the California legislature's week of civility. My guess is those sons of biscuits will pass a proclamation naming the first business day back in session "Blue Monday."

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  1. Cuss week - me in big trouble. Maybe I could make some money, though...on myself.

    So sick of the cold too! Really throwing a wrench in my plans.