Monday, March 28, 2011

The Long Run

"I used to hurry a lot, I used to worry a lot, I used to stay out till the break of day. Oh, that didn't get it, It was high time I quit it, I just couldn't carry on that way. Oh, I did some damage, I know it's true; didn't know I was so lonely, till I found you. You can go the distance, we'll find out, in the long run." The Long Run - The Eagles

Salome & I had our longest long run in preparation for the London Marathon planned for this past Saturday morning. As we were getting ready to get to bed on Friday night, we went through our usual long run ritual. I set my watch alarm for what I think is an appropriate time to get up and get ready to get out the door in order to get an early enough start; she suggests a much later time, then we compromise. It's the dark side of being married to another lawyer: everything is a negotiation. Who am I kidding? It's probably true about all couples.

I set my alarm for 4:30 AM. Salome suggests a 6 AM alarm. After a discussion for distance, pace, and the hourly projected temperatures from, we compromise on a 5:15 AM alarm. As I turn in bed and start drifting off, Salome says: "I'll probably wake up before that anyway." "Fine," I say, "Wake me if you do." I quickly drift off into a deep sleep.

In the middle of the night, I sense activity in our bedroom, some lights being turned on, bathroom water flowing. But I'm still pretty deep into my sleep and not feeling like getting up. Before I know what's going on, Salome is talking to me. "What's your credit card number?" "Huh?" "I'm downloading a GPS mileage app on iTunes and the credit card you have listed on the account has expired." Man, she' not only awake, she's wide awake and talking a mile a minute. Turns out she awoke at 3:30 AM; it's about 4:15 AM at this point. I decide I'd better get up. Salome reminds me of my agreement to be awoken if she got up early. I thank the Lord she didn't take me too literally and wake me at 3:30 AM.

As I'm about 15 minutes of prep time behind her, Salome gets out the door before me. Fine, I think, she runs slower than me. I catch her in a few miles. After I get started, I find that it takes me over 5 miles to catch up with her. As I run along A1a, I note people lining up for the start of the Palm 100 Mile Relay run that is starting that morning. As Salome & I make our way back along the 17th Street Causeway, we note the first runners heading out towards US-1. We will come across these runners for the rest of our long run.

As we come into South Beach Park, we spot our Aussie friend Deb Mrky with her running buddies doing their long run in preparation for the Boston Marathon. I mention to Deb that Boston will be the day after the London Marathon and I hope to watch it as I recoup from my run. She mentions that, like us, she and her mates are doing 22 miles this morning. I don't bother to mention that Salome is only planning to run 18 and I'm only doing 20.

As the sun starts coming up around 7:30 AM and we're at about mile 12, Salome give me permission to go ahead at my own pace. I take the pace up a bit and go ahead on my own. I stop off at a gas station to refuel, and end up talking a couple of minutes with a relay team running the Palm 100. With a new bottle of Gatorade, I finish my northbound loop and head home. That last couple mile stretch along a sun exposed A1a is always interesting. However, I'm feeling pretty solid with no major issues. I end up doing a fairly strong last mile. As I hit the home stretch, I come across Salome finishing her 18. We've made it. Now, the next 2 weeks long runs will be shorter and shorter.

I've noticed these last couple of weeks that the long runs don't seem harder, but that I'm more tired the rest of the day than in years past. I chalk this up to age. Salome chalks it up to a lower overall mileage and a shorter training period. I've had to do a fairly quick ramp up coming off my knee issue, so she's probably correct. Heck, I was on crutches in January and a six mile run in mid-February was painful. So my weekend long runs were as follows: 6 miles, a 5 mile race, up to 12, up to 16, down to 15, then up to 20. That's about as truncated a build up as I can handle. In any event, it looks like we're a "go" for London. As the song goes: "You can go the distance; we'll find out, in the long run."

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