Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Treadmill Speed Workout...Yes!!!

Having successfully run a 7 mile run on Sunday without post hamstring tendon soreness, I was able to try a treadmill speed workout this morning for the first time. Normally, I don't really like to get on the treadmill. I enjoy the outdoors. I usually reserve the treadmill for when its just too damn hot out during the summer months. But I've got a 5K coming up the day after Christmas. So it was back to the treadmill. I started off at a 9:30 minute/mile pace and took it up another half minute per mile pace every half a mile. I ended up doing a 6:30 minute/mile pace for the last tenth of a mile.

It felt good to try to go somewhat fast again. So far, no post workout stiffening of the hamstring. I may recovered. I'll slowly start to go longer again. I don't want to relapse. But its looking good. You don't realize how much you love to workout, until you aren't allowed to workout. Its good to be back.


  1. Way to ease back in to things! (Am I being sarcastic or not? Hard to say...)

    The only way I know how to run on a TM is by doing intervals, probably out of boredom. Great way to work on your speed without being stranded on a track if things aren't working out. Good luck getting back in the swing of things! I might be doing a 5k on New Year's...which will be my first shorter-than-a-marathon race in over 2 years. Ugh.

  2. Careful, we old guys need not impress anyone with speed. Our job is to keep doing it, so younger people can say "Damn,look at those old guys, I hope I'm doing it when I'm their age".

    (if your not "old"... never mind)

  3. Bob, At 51, I think I'm in the "old guy" category. It always ticks me off when they give us those gray caps at tris though. My heroes are guys in their 60s and 70s still doing this stuff. I'm always sure to mention it when I see their age on their leg. To quot a bumper sticker I saw the other day: "Old Guys Rule!"

  4. Bill - 51 is not old and Bob neither are you. I look up to you guys because I want to be able to be doing this forever and that is not a joke.

    Thank you for the inspiration you provide.

    Keep up the great work.

  5. Wow congrats on the great run..keep it up!