Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bound For Paris

There is nothing like getting ready to go on a trip to Europe to cause your client's to suddenly need work done ASAP. Getting ready to leave for Paris is no exception. While I've had the chance over the weekend to do my last 10 mile run on Saturday and a 40 mile ride on Sunday, the rest of my time has been spent trying to clear the work front to be able to leave for Paris.

My Saturday was filled with work. Easter Sunday we had an absolute feast at my son's Godparent's house. Nick & Anna do the best Greek Easter festivities I've ever witnessed. An open fire lamb on the spit, spinach pie, lamb soup, grilled vegetables, fine wine and lots of delicious desserts. I may have put back on in one day that 5 pounds I lost from that stomach virus.

I been so busy, I can hardly get to do a blog post or Facebook status update. It hasn't kept me from looking daily to catch buddy Wayne's fabulous pictures from his travels through Italy. I'm not sure if I'm more impressed with the pictures from Florence, coastal Italy, or Venice. They are all so beautiful, that I will probably have to do a marathon in Italy one of these years.

My other running buddy Jacques decided that we would dress in costume for the run. Based on a text where I responded to his half marathon time a couple of weeks back with "Party On," we decided to go with a Wayne's World theme. I found a Wayne's World hat on eBay and purchased it, but I fear it may not arrive in time. I did get a black coolmax shirt, a black running hat and a black wig, so I'll do the best I can. That wig may not make it through the entire race if it gets hot. However, it appears that the weather in Paris will be cool for Sunday's marathon (low to mid 50s). As you can tell, this will be a "fun" run in which I'm not looking to PR or burn up the course. You've gotta have fun sometimes, right?

I'm working on my French for the run. "Excusez moi, sons les toilettes?" "Je cherche la ligne d'arrivée." "Appellez un docteur!" Hopefully, I will not need to use these phrases and can instead simply go with: "Party on!" "Excellent!" and "Schwing!"

I haven't been in the water since MIT on March 14th. I've managed to fit in 2 rides a week with all the run training for this marathon. With St. Anthony's only 2 weeks after Paris, it might get ugly. Oh, well. Se la vie. I'll check in on my return. Until then, its wine, cheese and running in Paris. Au revoir!


  1. Take some cash on the run. If you see a nice roadside cafe, stop and have a glass of wine. Would be a nice way to split up the marathon...

    Shoot, I always stop at the Hash House Harriers stops around mile 25 for a beer....

  2. All the best to you and Salome on your trip to Paris. Tell Wayne we are thrilled he is back running marathons in beautiful places! We look forward to pictures and your race report. Enjoy the marathon and post race wine! Melissa & Bob